Historic Neighborhood Timeline

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   "What is a society without history, but bricks, dirt, and ashes? Without the stories or the memories of those who built it, there's nothing. Without people, there's no life, no heart in history. It's more than just facts left in newspapers, books and archives for someone to reference. Real history is the look and feel of the people. The quirkiness and spunk that every soul added to the group.


   No two cities are the same. From Metamora to Spiceland, from Cairo to Timbuktu. Every place on this planet has its own story. One that deserves to be preserved for the sake of its legacy. For the sake of its memory. For the sake of each individual person who brought it into existence."



Halteman Village showcased its first home to a crowd of 2,500 local residents in the fall of 1955. Pictured in this photo from the Muncie Star (left to right) are Ira McGuire (interior decorator), former Mayor Joseph Barclay, Joseph Halteman (builder) and P. White (consulting engineer).


Published in the Muncie Star Tuesday, Sept. 13, 1955.

Muncie Home Builders Association parade of homes, August 20, 1968. This film originated from WLBC-TV and was (possibly) a part of a segment titled, “Week in Review.” The station was created in 1953 by Don Burton. WLBC-TV Channel 49 was sold in 1971 to a local non-profit group, who changed the station's call sign to the current WIPB-TV, now licensed by Ball State University.

From Ball State Bracken Library, Digital Archives Collection.